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The five main causes of stress

I always think of stretch and stress in a similar way. Does it make sense? Looking at the etymology, the study of the origins of words, I came across the following: stretching seems to have a lot of meanings that

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Office slaves: take time-out before you burn-out

 Little and often is usually more effective than an every now-and-then burst. Regardless what we talk about, exercise, food-intake, stress management…. When it comes to managing your stress levels in the office, it is extremely beneficial to train yourself to

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Work causes stress; stressed employees are left to own devices

I was shocked to read on one day randomly the following:   January 2012 – workplace stress is at a four-year high, with 35% of UK employees experiencing unreasonable stresslevels at work (Study Kenexa) Sept 2012 – Working is a

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Mindfulness and Meditation fit perfectly in the therapy room

Having been meditating for years, it felt only natural to bring it into my work situation when I was teaching adult students the fine art of counselling. I got great feedback  and even after 4 years a phonecall from an

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Work stress spoils the weekend

Are you one of the 26% of employees that are so anxious about work that they dread going back to work on Mondays? Is your sleep disturbed by worries about work? How much time do you spend agonising over a

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