Stop stress, start living!

The main cause of stress is feeling out of control

Stress is part of everyday life and takes its toll on happiness. Does that resonate?

Stress is all about control, or better said, lack of control. Are you in control?

I am Dr De-Stress, life coach and mindfulness expert in Surrey, and I can help you to take charge of your happiness, by taking control of your stress, be it emotional, practical, mental or other stress. My services consist of life coaching, meditation and de-stressing. To see the full range of my services, click here.

The scales, an emotional power tool

The scales, an emotional power tool

Food, eating and diets

One of the big sources of stress is diets. On average a woman in the UK spends 31 years of her life on a diet. Diets scores even higher as a source of stress than moving house or childbirth……. I help you to change your relationship with food, so you will NEVER EVER have to make a decision about diets again. Click here for my solution.


 ’I’ve always been rather cynical about life coaches. What can they hope to teach you that you don’t know already? But as I recognise that I am not as happy as I could be, I can’t put the finger on the niggles. As I talk things through with Mariette, I realise my relationship with food is lousy. They say inside every fat man there’s a thin man fighting to get out. I’m the opposite. Jogging keeps my weight down, but food is always on my mind. Mariette doesn’t give me specific prompts. Like all the best teachers, she’s a great listener. When I was a kid I used to stuff my face and ended up pretty porky – talking to Mariette, I realise I was fattest around the time my parents split up. I slimmed down as a student and got fat again in my twenties – around the same time that I started earning decent money. When I hit 30 I had a career crisis and a big pay cut and decided to get fit, but now I realise I’m like a dry drunk, counting the days since my last bender. I may have shed the weight but my mindset hasn’t changed. Thinking about food is costing me a lot of energy. Having followed Mariette’s battle plan, I am amazed at how rarely I now think about food. I stopped snacking, but I have also made a change regarding my obsessive ‘snacking’ with emails. I used to check every few minutes, but

William Cook, cynical about coaching

William Cook, cynical about coaching

now I do it a lot less. Mariette said about it: ‘the way you do any thing, is the way you do everything’. Remarkable changes in behaviour and in seeing the benefits of life coaching.’ William Cook, Journalist at The Guardian.

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Click here to download my e-book for free Pause Now, with 7 super de-stressing tips

Click here to download my e-book for free
Pause Now, with 7 super de-stressing tips

The stresses of work are increasing with the use of electronic devices, as people are expected to be available all the time. The pressures of motherhood are growing when your children are growing. More expectations are causing higher stress levels and often the outside Super Women is eaten by insecurity, unhappiness and self doubt on the inside. Click here to learn how to NEVER EVER feel pushed over by life again.

‘I had 4 sessions and I can’t believe how I have changed. In such a short time, I shed off my negativity and feel as if I am in my own skin again. I am also kinder to myself….’ Marion Low, Surrey

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My personal and professional experiences, with food and family, help me to understand

Free as a bird....

Free as a bird….

your position, the frustration and the challenges and make me a great coach. I want you to find that out by offering a FREE COACHING SESSION. No obligations, no hidden angles, just an opportunity for you to sort something out, and get to know me.

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To read about how I coached a cynical journalist for the Guardian, click here and specifically about mindfulness meditation, click here.


In the national papers on 6th April  with my book: Bullshit, non-sense and common sense about meditation - click here

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Since attending the meditation workshop I genuinely do feel calmer,happier and take things so much more in my stride than I did. It was areal pleasure to be taught so simply such a useful tool that may only need a few minutes a day to see results. Thank you Mariette, I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Steph Sullivan
Optimal Health Solutions